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Nov 14

25+ Best Free Cursive Fonts for Your Designs

The cursive font styles is considered to be amongst the formal category of handwriting. For projects that require formal fonts, cursive fonts are a great option. The right cursive font can be a powerful asset in your design toolbox. if you’re looking for free cursive fonts to add an elegant or vintage touch to your […]
Nov 05

30+ Free Serif Fonts for your Next Design Project

Having an arsenal of quality fonts is essential for web and graphic designers. While Sans Serif fonts were mainly developed for computers and online work, Serif fonts are still the undisputed choice for printed work. Serif fonts are great for documents, books and everyday typing. Serif typefaces tend to be thought of as classic and […]
Oct 29

29+ Free Fun Fonts for Your Design Project

Fun Fonts can be used for different purpose, be it for decoration, book cover, cinema hoarding, or even project purpose. They will instantly cheer up your otherwise plain, boring or simply not-so-fun designs. You can see funny fonts in comic book strips and movie posters. Also, sometimes, these fonts are used by ad agencies. fun […]
Oct 15

49+ Free Vintage Fonts for Retro Graphic Designs

No project can be completed without a good font. It is extremely important that a good and respective font is used for every individual project. And nowadays, vintage font have become the new typography trend. Most new clients are also interested in including these fonts in their projects. Vintage designs are one of the undying […]
Sep 27

The 75+ Best Free Modern Fonts for Designers

Fonts and typography play a crucial part in any type of design project the right font can play a pivotal role in shaping the visual identify of a brand or design. Therefore, designers are constantly looking for fresh fonts to add to their toolset. Below you’ll find a New Collection of High-Quality Free Fonts by […]
Aug 26

29+ Best Free Bold Fonts for Big Headings

Font styles are one of the important factors that grab the attentions of the audience in every typography designs. And if you’re aiming for a design that will shout for attention, then thick, bold font styles are the friends you should have in your design arsenal. This post has some of the best Bold Fonts […]
Aug 13

65+ Best Free Handwriting Fonts to Download

Handwritten fonts are one of the most useful and multipurpose. font Handwritten are great decorative fonts for web and print. Nowadays, many web designers use handwritten fonts in their websites to create a unique look. High-quality fonts can significantly improve your design by simply included them in the project you are working on. With use […]